What is available for my home?

We have a wide range of different types of air conditioning systems that can be customized for any home.

What does Split system mean?

A split system is a system that splits the air conditioner into indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor units can have different configurations:

  • Wall hung split
  • Cassette
  • Floor console
  • Under ceiling
  • Ducted
  • Bulk head

What is Reverse cycle?

Air conditioning is associated mostly with cooling but with a changing and uncertain environment heating in winter has become a lage part of the air conditioning market and nearly all systems we install are now reverse cycle.

What does inverter mean?

Inverter air conditioners are more powerful yet more energy efficient than conventional non-inverter models.

Conventional air conditioners operate at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating. While trying to maintain a set temperature they operate on a ‘stop/start’ principle.

An inverter has a much more advanced technology that operates differently. It works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power. It reaches the desired temperature quicker and steadily maintains it without wild fluctuations. That means uninterrupted comfort and significant savings on running costs.

Ducted or single units

Both installations have their advantages weather it be neatness or price. The only way to know what will suit you is for us to come and give you some professional advice and a quote on all your options.

I have an existing house, can I install ducted systems?

Yes you can. We can access the ceiling though the supply and return air holes we have to cut so the machine will go into your ceiling through these openings and covered up by the grilles we install.


All of our domestic product are covered by a 5 year manufacturers warranty and we carry out this warranty on behalf of the manufacturer in our areas of service, so you can be worry free. If you think there may be a problem with your machine, feel free to give us a call. If we can not talk you though it over the phone, we will send a qualified technician out to fix the problem.

What is the maintenance?

Your filters should be cleaned regularly on any air conditioning system in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines in the operation manual. This can easily be done by removing the indoor unit or return air grille and washing or vacuuming. It can easily be done by yourself. In addition, we recommend you get us to service twice per year.

Will I need to get any other trades?

We generally quote for the whole installation, including electrical work as we are licensed electrical contractors we can undertake all required works.


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