Residential Air Conditioning

We have a wide range of domestic and residential product to suit any application. We deal with many manufactures so you are assured that we can give you the most up to date technology to suit your home. We are the warranty agents and can repair all that we sell. You can be worry free about your investment.

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Wall hung splits

Individual wall hung split systems can be installed to only the rooms you desire to have temperature control in to produce a customised solution for part or you whole home.


Where you do not have an appropriate wall to hang a wall mounted machine these units can be installed in the ceiling to blow in 4 directions to distribute the air around your home efficiently.


Ducted systems are becoming very popular in all types of homes new and existing. With ducting through out the home all rooms can be run off one machine with individual rooms controlled by zones so as you do not need to run the whole house at one time.

Multi head unit

Multi head units can be installed these units can have a configuration of different heads (sizes and styles) to suit your individual application.